Things to do in Dorset

The George Albert Hotel is the perfect place to unwind in a beautiful location and explore some of the best things to do in Dorset.

Located in an AONB, there's an abundance of local walks nearby that showcase the best of Dorset's wildlife and natural surroundings. For days that excite, there are plenty of attractions within a short drive, including Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens and a variety of museums. 


With Dorchester, Portland, Sherborne, Shaftesbury, Weymouth, Salisbury and Poole all an easy drive away, a stay at

The George Albert allows you to explore the best things to do in Dorset by day and fully relax and recharge at night. 

Walking boots

Local Walks

The South West is known for its stunning scenery and AONBs, and Dorset boasts a whole range of walks to showcase the best of the county.

From stretches along the famous Jurassic Coast to woodland walks with carpets of Bluebells, if you enjoy getting into the great outdoors, bring your walking boots and flask and come for a stay at the George Albert Hotel. 


Local Attractions

Whether your whole stay is about exploring things to do in Dorset or you fancy an adventure amidst relaxing, there are plenty of attractions nearby for all ages to enjoy.

From beautiful gardens and wildlife hubs to a range of museums and rainy-day sanctuaries , should you wish to break from relaxing in our comfy hotel, you won't struggle to fill your days with fun. 

Sunday Lunch

What Makes the Best Sunday Lunch in Dorset?

A Sunday lunch holds a special place in the hearts of British people. It's more than just a meal; it's a cherished tradition that brings families and couples together to enjoy a hearty feast. In Dorset, the traditional Sunday lunch is magnified by the region's unique approach and rich culinary heritage. Whether you're a local or a visitor, experiencing a Sunday lunch in Dorset is a must. 

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Dorset Museum

What are the best Dorset Museums?

For a county awash with history, it comes as no surprise that Dorset has a superb array of excellent museums. But with so many on offer, which ones should you make a bee line for? That partly depends on what floats your historical boat. Take a look at our guide to the best Dorset museums for some top tips.

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Close up event chairs

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Next Conference Venue

Choosing the perfect conference venue can be the cornerstone of any successful professional event. It sets the tone, influences the mood of the attendees, and can impact the overall feel of the event. With a myriad of aspects to consider, from location to amenities, the process can seem daunting.

Through this guide, we aim to simplify the decision-making process, making sure your next conference not only meets but exceeds expectations.

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Why Dorset Is the Best Place for Cycling Holidays

Cycling holidays. You can't beat them.

Whizzing around Girona on a warm day? Wonderful. Exploring the slopes and coasts of the Algarve? Bliss. A whistle-stop tour of Tuscany? Yes, yes please and yes again.

These cycling hotspots, however, come with a hefty drawback. For UK cyclists, doing Girona or tackling Tuscany means international travel. And international travel means faff – especially when you've got two wheels in tow.

Of course, it would all be different if the UK had a world-class cycling destination to call its own. We could travel light, leave our passports at home and avoid the absurd hassle that comes with flying avec vélo.

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Farmers market

The best farmers markets in Dorset

Markets have played a huge part in any civilisation since civilisations began. But UK farmers markets in particular only kicked off in 1997 in Bath in a bid to boost sustainability. And the reasons it was successful then are the same reasons we love them today: farmers markets connect places, people and produce in fundamental, joyful and flavourful ways. In fact, at the George Albert we love them so much we’ve compiled a delicious list of best farmers markets in Dorset.

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Golden cap in Dorset

Top Reasons for a Short Break in Dorset

Finding the ideal destination for a short break or weekend getaway can be a challenge but if you're in search of a place that seamlessly blends tranquillity and breathtaking coastal sights, look no further – Dorset awaits your arrival.

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Dorset beach

What are the best Dorset beaches?

When it comes to UK holidays, one of the most-asked questions is: what are the best Dorset beaches? Luckily there’s a wealth of wonderful answers. From beautiful coves and family-friendly crescents of sand, to fossil-packed bays and uncrowded shores. Dorset has them all.

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Top 5 National Trust Properties in Dorset


There are few better places to delve into Britain’s cultural and environmental heritage than a National Trust property. The National Trust is best known for stately homes but its range of properties is much wider than that. 

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The Benefits of Sourcing Local Produce

Most of us know that choosing local during a holiday is better than chain or mass production. Yet, travellers like you can have trouble finding local businesses and accessing local produce. And while we understand the ease of eating your next meal with a franchise, there’s no denying that beautiful regions like West Dorset are best experienced through their local businesses.

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